Womens Harem Pants

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Womens Harem Pants

Women across the globe have sported harem pants in a variety of settings. Maybe your favorite travel vlogger sported a pair of the colorful, trousers on a trip to Thailand. Perhaps you have a pair of harem pants that you wear while doing your morning yoga routine. The bottom line is, harem pants are probably one of the most comfortable trouser options available today.

What are Harem pants?

Harem pants are baggy trousers that are loose around the hip and thigh area then taper or 'caught' around the ankles. They are also referred to as hippie pants or elephant pants. Harem pants are a popular bohemian, laid back style across the globe.

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Where did Harem pants originate?

Today, harem pants are a popular choice for casual and comfortable attire. But did you know that this style of pants has been around for two thousand years?


Inspired by the dhoti, defined as "a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, usually around 4.5 meters (15 ft) long, wrapped around the waist and the legs and knotted at the waist, resembling a long skirt." (wikipedia). It was traditionally worn by men as a piece of comfortable attire that allowed them to move freely while they attended to manual work and chores.

Middle East

Middle Eastern women wore harem pants because they are synonymous with beauty, innocence and modesty.


These trousers inspired ‘bloomers’ during the 1800s, which allowed women to have a less restrictive option to what was dominant around that era. It was also a part of a feminist movement to allow women more freedom in their choice of garments. It's a trend that goes in and out of fashion with its relevance but always results in coming back into style!

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How to wear harem pants

You can style harem pants to reflect your personal style or create a fashion statement while exuding comfort, confidence and relevance. You can get free style tips from many sources online due to the relevance and popularity of harem trousers.

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Popular styles


  • Wearing a plain, solid color t-shirt or tank top with harem pants for a causal daily look.
  • Adding accessories such as fringe bags and minimalist jewelry can add a chic flair.
  • For a fierce festival look, pair with crop tops or vintage style crochet tops.



  • For work, neutral color harem pants work well with tucked in white work shirts, simple make up and hair styles to maintain a professional look.
  • In the united kingdom or other temperate climates, women can also add a light jacket or throw to complete your look.

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Where to shop for harem pants

United Kingdom, US and Worldwide shipping

Whether you are in the United Kingdom, Australia, or the United States of America, you can enjoy access to secure shipping and delivery of your items worldwide. You can shop for women's harems pants online and source great bargains and deals. Many clothing websites offer great deals, affordable prices on their products and shipping.

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Local shops

Instead of online orders and shipping, clothes shops in your community may also offer harem pants and other products. They offer different prices from thrift store to high end designer prices to suit your budget.

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Why choose harem pants?


Many women today of all shapes and sizes are moving away from skin tight clothing and uncomfortable trends. Since many movements promote the beauty of women, body acceptance and aiming for comfort over restrictive styles, harem pants are a popular choice of trousers that women shop for.


One major plus to investing in a pair of harem pants is that they come in a variety of colors, prints, and sizes. From bold to demure, you can find a pattern to suit your personality or occasion, (even a hippie wedding!)


They are modest in appearance, and very functional for activities such as walking, shopping, yoga, work , social gatherings and much more.

Benefits of harem pants

  • They are made from soft, comfortable fabrics
  • Available in many sizes, colors and patterns
  • Kids and adults can wear them
  • Great gifts or souvenirs from travelling, wedding gifts for a honeymoon, or for bohemian friends and family
  • You can place orders online and worldwide shipping for your convenience


Harem pants are simple yet stylish. If you love bohemian fashion items, products and trends, you can't go wrong with owning a pair!

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