Introduction of LannaClothesDesign

Who We Are?

“Large streams from little fountains flow, Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”

Bohemian clothing, harem pants, gypsy skirts, hippie pants: new creations always bubbling close to the surface of my mind. The fountain of new ideas and designs flow to my sister Aow who brings our concepts to life with patterns and finished samples. There are often days when an exciting idea springs over morning coffee and becomes a treasured costume by the afternoon.

Hi, I’m Praew. LannaClothesDesign is a family business I started back in 2012 with just one sewing machine and a steady pair of hands. Along this wonderful journey, we have grown to become a community based enterprise, that facilitates employment which supports many families and charities in the rural communities of Phayao, Northern Thailand, where I grew up as a child.

Our Location

Our offices and workspace in Chiang Mai Thailand connect us to our valued global customers and logistics.

When we are pleased with a new creation, we move straight to production which begins with sourcing fabric from either our local Chiang Mai or Bangkok suppliers. Then our cutting department takes over and allocates the garment components to our sewing production team.

We simultaneously arrange for one of our freelance photographers to shoot studio images of the new costume which is modelled by local university students to whom we offer part-time assignments.

The chosen images are then uploaded across our retail and wholesale networks which we monitor closely to optimize production levels with demand.

When production is complete, every single garment, without exception, is verified by our quality control team who then place the approved garments in stock to fulfill incoming orders.

Over time, we have extended our collection to include bohemian attire, harem pants, hippie clothing, boho pants, crochet tops, yoga pants, gypsy skirts, palazzo pants, and, our recently launched mens and children's clothing ranges.

We hope you enjoy our new website. Every purchase supports our community. Thank You.